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Get up to €500.000 growth capital in less than two weeks and pay it back via revenue share. You never lose equity. And keep full control of your business.

We FINANCE your BUSINESS with up to €500.000

You decide how you spend it. Inventory, ads, new employees... Let's build something great together.

You only pay IT BACK if you make revenue

We receive our investment back via revenue share. Just like you, we want your revenue to grow.

application takes a few minutes, funds arrive in 1-2 Weeks

Normally, we are able to send you the funds in 1-2 weeks. We know how important it is to move fast!

GROW your REVENUE without losing equity 

We provide you with up to €500.000 growth capital - paid back via revenue share. In exchange for our capital we receive a monthly revenue share for 12-18 months after the financing. We never take equity, personal guarantees, collateral or board seats. And we provide you the funds in 1-2 weeks with simple & transparent terms. If things go well, we can repeat the process on a recurring basis - even before the first tranche is paid back.


Repayments adapt to your business success

The revenue share model aligns our incentives with yours. If your revenue increases, we receive back more than we invested. If your revenue declines, we participate in the downside and get back less then we provided to you. Just like you, we have an interest in the growth of your business. To increase flexibility for you, there is an initial payment-free period after we provide you the capital. After the revenue share period ends, there are no more payments due to us.


STRONG FOcus on online Brands

Our clients are often startups that want to achieve a higher valuation in their next equity round or that want to scale faster with more working capital. Most of them fall in one of the following categories: D2C, online retailers, subscription services, apps, games and B2B SaaS. We also work with a variety of different business models. Contact us now to see if you qualify.


Frequently asked questions

Why is this a good deal for me?

Because you can scale your company without losing equity. The shares that you give away to investors today in exchange for funding will be worth much more when you exit your business in the future. We enable you to keep this upside for yourself by maintaining ownership in your company.

How does the application process work?

Our investment process is highly standardized and largely based on your financial performance. In order to make you a specific offer, we analyse your operative KPIs as well as your online accounts (like Google Ads, Amazon, PayPal etc). Once you accept the offer, we can normally provide the funds in a few business days.

What happens if I don't make any revenue?

Then you don't have to pay us anything. That's the beauty of our model. You don't have to worry about being able to pay back funds if your revenue declines.

The total amount to be repaid is capped at a maximum. The exact conditions are based on an analysis of the startup's operative KPIs and are agreed upon individually. We currently only work with companies in the EU.

Our ambition?
TO Help 1.000 Startups Grow

We know how hard it can be to get the ball rolling for your business.
We are here to make it easier for you.
Get funded in less than a week.


Previous clients

"Fast and convenient"
Marco Feelisch
Co-Founder of www.buckleandseam.com (D2C fashion brand)
"Uplift1 helped us to get the necessary liquidity for our online marketing campaigns shortly ahead of the important Christmas shopping season."
"Significant revenue increase"
Mareile Wölwer
Co-Founder of  www.vetevo.de (pet health-check app)
"Uplift1’s financing helped us to quickly access funds for growth initiatives that significantly increased our revenue."
"Excellent service"
Cyrille Gatticker
Co-Founder of www.shileo.com (D2C food startup)
"Truly a great service that Uplift1 delivered. They put me in touch with performance marketing experts who optimized our online marketing campaigns."

Sounds interesting? Get in touch with us.

We are happy to get to know you and your team and explore if we can work together. Contact us now to see if you qualify. (We will never share your data with third parties.)

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